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How much does it cost ?

Our offer is simple:

• ONE BAG (20 items) - £24

• HALF BAG (10 items) - £13


One bag normally contains 20 items, half a bag 10 items. As a guideline, an adult's shirt is counted as 1 item, a child's top as ½ item, and a double duvet cover as 2 items.

Unlike others, we offer a free collection and delivery service, including late evenings, and a simple set charge per bag so that we do not waste your time by weighing your laundry on your doorstep or overcharge you because it's not fully dry.

We also understand that occasionally you may have to add one or two items to the bag at the last minute: your favourite shirt for an important meeting or your child's special outfit for a school assembly.

Should you need to do that, we promise not to charge you extra.

Your satisfaction is what's important to us.